Lindsey Pelas


Lindsey Pelas

lindseypelasbananaThe insanely gorgeous American model Lindsey Pelas

Doctor Who: Tardis Cereal Box

tardis« Fanboy Mode On » Here come My New Design serie starring the eleventh Doctor

Katy « This is how we do » Perry

katy2Let’s continue that serie of gorgeous woman with the beautiful Katy Perry

Lara Stone

laraThere is a new fashion serie I work with that new cartoony/straight/biglines styles

Urusei Yatsura: Lamu

lamuWhen I was a kid I got a huge crush on Lamu (Lum in french) from the Japanese Anime/manga  Urusei Yatsura.

League of Legends: Jinx

jinxHere come the ultimate badass shooter from The famous MMORPG League of Legends: JINX