Infamous bounty hunter


Infamous bounty hunter


For that Xray season 2 I start to realized more detailed character.

LeeAnna Vamp


I got the luck lately to collaborate with the gorgeous LeeAnna Vamp On a brand new piece of Xray-
who started the season 2 of my Xray (Fully digital, better line, better skeleton, better everything).



And here Come the second New Xray Princess redesign.

New Disney Princess Xray

arielposterxrayAfter a long time without doing some new Xray I finally took the time to redo two

Who you gonna call?


Have to say , I love drawing car. And I’m a notorious geek/nerd/whatever so to mix that I start to draw some blueprint of the most Famous Car of Television. What’s better to start than the Ecto-1 from Ghistbuster.

Collab with Alexandre Osmoze Brakha

collabfinalLately the talented Alexandre Osmoze Brakha a french Illustrator/art Directpr ask me for a lil collab on one of his character.